Monday, April 24, 2017

For Sale: Set of 4 MidCentury Kessler Industries Chairs in Red Vinyl

Have you ever made an impulse purchase? Sure you have! I mean, I do it all the time. In fact, I did it just a few months ago with these chairs. I was out to lunch, and we came across a store that I had never seen before. They were hardly ever open during hours I could shop, but on this particular day a man stood in the doorway and things were being carried out. I asked if they were open, he said no, but he told me that I could look around.

I spotted these awesome chairs, that have the most beautiful cast aluminum cabriole legs on the front with a rose and leaf detail. I thought they'd be perfect in my dining room, reupholstered in a linen, or maybe even a wild animal print velvet, like the Scalamandre Leopardo that I have on the sofa. But when I got them home, they didn't work. And I couldn't return them. I thought I could take the highly ornamental legs off of the chairs and build benches, but I just don't have the place for a bench.

They were made in the 70's by Kessler Industries out of El Paso, Texas. Kessler Industries did a ton of stamped aluminum furniture back then, including this Hollywood Regency version - numbered 6326.

These chairs can be found on the internet places like first dibs, where this pair is $950 PLUS $300 shipping: 

They're boudoir chairs, which is why the didn't work for me as dining room chairs. They're pretty petite in size, but they'd be absolutely gorgeous in a house where you had room to have occasional chairs dotting a hallway or in the corner of a bedroom, even around a playroom table for little tastemakers in training. 

Now, IF you're lucky enough to have room for a bench, or benches, these legs do come off VERY easily. They're held to the bottom of the chair with flat head screws. So with a simple screwdriver, they can be removed and reused for alternative purposes. Now for overall measurements:

Chair height from floor: 31"
Seat height from floor: 16"
Seat width (at widest) 16.5"
Seat back width (at widest) 13"

Unfortunately, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I can't figure out how to rescale the following pictures to be the correct orientation. I apologize for that - but, here they are: 

The chairs are in good shape considering their age. As I said, I was planning on reupholstering them, but the scale is just not right for me - so I have to let them go. Damage I've noticed: 

2 of the chairs are missing the plastic guards for the back legs.
There are two chairs with slight tears to the vinyl, at the front and back where it was stretched over the curves of the chair seats.
The double welt cording that is around the back of the chair is loose in one place of one chair.
There is some discoloration the seat of one chair. It appears to have less sheen than the others.
There is some crazing to the vinyl on the back side, where dirt and dust seems to have settled in, causing some dark veining.

I've tried to photograph these issues as best I can. 

All four of them could be yours! (Sorry, I can't split them up.
Includes shipping to the Continental United States of America

I will mail them via USPS Priority Mail, and they will be somewhat disassembled. You'll have to reattach the front legs and seats to the back of the chair. This is so easy! All you'll need is a flat head screwdriver.

Make sure to look at all the pics, ask questions if you'd like! I'm happy to help however I can. No returns. Sorry! 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Mark D. Sikes' 2017 Henredon Rooms at High Point

"Cobalt and Chinoiserie". That's what Mark kept tagging all of his instagram pictures with this year just before unveiling his collection of furniture with Henredon at High Point. I've been anxiously awaiting the reveal, and even posted about the teasing he was doing here.

This was the first teaser that Mark posted. Two of his Carlyle chairs, upholstered in rich cobalt velvet against cobalt blue walls.

Then this. Two of his Pacific Heights sofa's making one long banquette against a cobalt wall. I knew that Mark would make this beautiful, but I wasn't sure how. 

Then the Chinoiserie started to come in, with the Queens Road Coromandel Screen. 

Mark worked with artist Kayce Hughes for the art in the room. And before you knew it - we had peeks at spaces that were beginning to look a lot more finished:

Mark shared all of these pictures prior to High Point opening up today, and I'm sure there will be a TON of photos on instagram in the coming hours of his spaces, as there were last year. In fact, here are a few:

Great inspiration for those of us who can't make it down to North Carolina. You can find many of those pictures by searching #markdsikes or #henredon, and the tags for high point market: #hptmkt and #hpmkt2017. You can also check out all of the photos that were taken at people who were checked in to High Point Market here and here and here.

You can also glean loads of inspiration from Mark's book, Beautiful. I have a signed copy from Mark and I've purchased 6 copies for friends already. Take a look and grab your copy here:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Changes ... They Are A'Coming

I've been working on a redo of my bedroom at the apartment for the last several days. It actually started as an early morning aggravation 2-weeks ago. I had been so frustrated with the four poster bed, and the lack of continuity between the bedroom and the rest of the apartment. In such a small space, there's really no need to have such varied and marked changes from room to room. I knew that one neutral palette throughout would make the rooms feel larger, and more cohesive. So, I set out with an idea to change the bed.

This is how you likely remember the bedroom, and granted, this is a pretty good photo. Due to the shadows, you miss the carpet completely. At first I thought I'd have my seamstress make new slipcovers for the bed in white, and it'd be good. But then I saw this picture:

I saw two glaring issues. First, the carpet. It was just eating the beauty of this room. Secondly, the bed. This room lacks architectural symmetry and that's something you really need in a small room that you want to put a four poster bed, or a canopy bed in. This bed can't be centered on any wall in the room, and the more I looked at it - the more I knew I had to find a new bed altogether.

And I wasn't about to deal with the frustrations of putting the bed online for sale. It's a fine bed, but frankly, I needed it gone right away to deal with the other issues. So, there it is. Well, was. (I think someone took this in less than an hour). Which left me with the other glaring issue. The carpet. Taking out the carpet meant LOTS of work. Mainly the removal of more than 300 interior design books and solid wood bookcases.

But I really had no choice. The books came out, along with the rest of the furniture, and I set in to work on the ugly carpet I should have replaced when I moved into the joint!

I dreaded pulling it up. I knew it needed to happen, but the living and dining room really took SO much effort that I just didn't want to have to go through all of that with the bedroom. Luckily though, I found a new flooring product, very similar to the living and dining room that went down like a dream!  I had it completed in less than 3 hours. Granted, I didn't start it until nearly midnight once I had pulled up the carpet, scraped and cleaned the floors, and cut all the planks.

Here's the 2AM selfie I sent to a friend who thought I was absolutely insane to be up so late on a THURSDAY with work the following day, putting in a floor. And yes - I'm insane. Initially I was sticking with the blue color story I had created for the room, so I ended up with this large gray blue rug.

Then, once I had the floors finished, I just hated it. I also knew that I really needed to focus on getting the room back to a wash of neutrals - like the living room and dining room, so the rug just wasn't going to work. The zebra I teased you with in this photo: 

Well, it is now in the bedroom, mostly hidden under the bed, but it provides a wild touch I sorta love. It will be layered over a large 9x12 seagrass rug that is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. The radiator that was covered by the dresser (now against the wall where the bookcases had been) will be covered. But that's all I'll tell you for now. There'll be a sneak peek of that space on instagram tomorrow and I'll share it here, too! 

Working on putting the space together has been tiresome, for sure. Most everything that I've wanted has been ordered, because it just wasn't available to me locally. I'm sitting on my hands here, just waiting for things to come through. When they all get here, and the custom sewing projects are finished (there are a few of those in the works) I will photograph everything and send it down the pike for you to enjoy. I promise!